Opportunity to Learn Polish Language at University of Texas in Austin

Posted on 12-04-2024 , by: Zdzislaw Korytkowski , in , 0 Comments

The registration for the Fall semester is open at University of Texas.

With any  questions regarding placement, curriculum or funding e-mail  Bernadeta Kaminska at  <BernadetaKaminska@austin.utexas.edu>  .

Thanks to Polish Studies Endowment at UT that was partially funded by Austin Polish Society, students can take advantage of:

  • study or research abroad in Poland
  • study of Polish culture, history or language at the University
  • participate in talks or events related to promoting Polish Studies
  • scholarly research related to Poland
  • instructions of Polish language, history, and/or culture by faculty at the University

Please consider taking advantage of this great opportunity: