“FOLLOW HER!” -a bike ride through Austin murals and street art focusing on womed- event by Dot Dot Dot Connect December 5th

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“FOLLOW HER!” through the streets of Austin and discover courage, strength,
creativity, wisdom, pride, love, and drive of notable women, performers, and
activists captured through several murals and mosaics.
Grab a bike and join us for a guided ride between Central and South Austin with Dot Dot
Dot Connect and Ghisallo Cycling Initiative to learn more about these women and artists
who honored them.

Sunday, December 5, 2021
10am – 12pm
START: La Peña , 227 Congress Ave, Austin
END: The Yard at St. Elmo 440 East St. Elmo Rd., Austin
SIGN UP FORM: https://bit.ly/3kXeQaM

The tour will have 6 stops by art pieces in locations between Central and South Austin.
The participants will not only have a chance to see the artworks, but also hear stories
behind them.

STOP 1. 227 Congress Ave (La Peña)
Two mosaics portraying the founders of La Peña:
Lidia Perez (by Martha Diaz) and Cynthia Perez (by Litzy Rea Valdéz).
STOP 2. 710 W Cesar Chavez St (Austin Public Library)
Six mosaics of Austin’s Courageous Female Leaders of Color:
Dr. Martha Cotera (by Carmen Rangel), Dr. Teresa Lozano Long (by Veronica Ceci),
Dr. Bertha Sadler Means (by Lolita Rodriguez), Sylvia Orozco (by Lys Santamaria),
Cathy Vasquez-Revilla (by Litzy Valdez), Peggy Vasquez (by Litzy Valdez).
STOP 3. 111 E Cesar Chavez (Line Hotel; stop at the opposite side of the street):
Mural “Wonder Woman” by Sandra Chevrier & Shepard Fairey
STOP 4. 1415 S Congress Ave:
Mural of Angela Davis – Radical transformation by NIZ (part of The Black Legacy Project)
STOP 5. 440 East St. Elmo Rd. (The Yard)
Josephine Baker & Pola Negri by Julia Mirny & Dan Terry (producer: Dot Dot Dot Connect)
STOP 6. 440 East St. Elmo Rd. (The Yard)
Mural dedicated to Texas Advocacy Project: HOPE by Dan Terry. The goal of the mural is
to raise public awareness of the issue of domestic abuse and trafficking and to kick off a

capital fundraising campaign to help abuse survivors.
Dot Dot Dot Connect is a non-profit organization focused on creating opportunities for
local Austin area artists to connect with artists from around the world.
Ghisallo is a biking non-profit that run bike clubs, clinics, and programs for all ages and
abilities to explore, navigate, and connect with the Austin community.