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Hike at Green Belt

Posted on 16-03-2019 , by: Art Gmurowski , 0 Comments

Come join us for a hike on the morning of April 27th at 9 am
Agnieszka Ozarowski will show us around through one of Austin’s beautiful greenbelts.

Zapraszamys serdecznie na spacer/hike z Agnieszka Ozarowski, ktora oprowadzi nas po jednym z pieknym zielonych terenow Austin.

Wear comfortable shoes, take plenty of water, hat and sunscreen. Hike difficulty medium; Active Dogs on leash welcome.

Co potrzebne? Wygodne buty, kapelusz, woda. Trudnosc trasy: srednia. Psy przyzwyczajone do dlugich spacerow, na smyczy, sa mile widziane.

What: Medium difficulty hike will take about about 2.5 hours.
When: Saturday, April 27th at 9 am;
Contact: Agnieszka at 512-413-0189
Where: The Terrace Hiking Trail also called Tuscan Terrace Trail- get off frontage rd on Mopac North just after 360 intersection, take a right into Tuscan Terrace and then immediately right into Via fortuna. The trail starts on the right, street parking.