Texas-EU Business Summit 2016 – May 10th

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In its 5th year, the Texas-EU Business Summit is the premier event for Texas businesses, entrepreneurs and economic development professionals seeking to expand their footprint in Europe. The summit provides Texas businesses, entrepreneurs, policymakers and target businesses with an overview of trade and expansion business opportunities in Europe as well as information and connections to make the most of those opportunities.

What You’ll Gain From Attending This Event

Attend this one day seminar to learn from our industry leading guest speakers on the:

– An executive briefing on trends driving business and politics in the European Union.
– In-depth briefings on business opportunities in Sweden, the Summit’s featured country for 2016.
– Extensive reviews of Europe’s emerging markets in the South and throughout the Mediterranean Rim, including Spain, Italy, and Portugal.
– Ongoing marketing challenges and opportunities in the EU that represent traditional commercial, financial, and industrial centers.
– Many services available to Texas companies through the Texas-EU Interactive Trade Forum, bringing together several trade specialists virtually from Europe to introduce you to these global markets.
– Updates on the Transatlantic Trade Investment Partnership and what it means for Lone Star State businesses.

For more information, schedule, and registration link, please visit: http://conferences.la.utexas.edu/texaseusummit/