Kosciuszko Foundation Scholarships for Undergraduate Students

Posted on 06-03-2018 , by: Art Gmurowski , in , 0 Comments

The Kosciuszko Foundation’s Tomaszkiewicz-Florio Scholarships have been awarded to Polish American students since 1995. Each year the Foundation offers a number of scholarships to qualified applicants to attend Polish courses at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow.  The scholarship covers the cost of program fees of a 3-week session ($1,520)and is paid directly to the Jagiellonian University on behalf of the student.  Scholarship applicants may apply for longer sessions.

The Tomaszkiewicz-Florio Scholarships (several)  are open to full-time Polish American undergraduate students who are of
Polish descent.  Send supporting materials to the Kościuszko Foundation Chapter nearest your school/university.

All details and application forms are found at https://www.thekf.org/kf/programs/study/