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Monthly Polish Film – “My Mother’s Lovers”

Posted on 08-01-2019 , by: Art Gmurowski , 0 Comments

WHAT: “My Mother’s Lovers” / “Kochankowie mojej mamy”, 1986, drama, 93 min., English subtitles.


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Krystyna is a mother of a nine year old son, Rafał. She neither has a steady job nor a steady partner and often hangs out late with strangers. The roles at home are upside down – the young Rafał is the mature and responsible one. He takes care of his dysfunctional carefree mother who is more interested in men, pills and alcohol than in the problems of her young child.
The acting is exquisite in how it tells a story about the basic, most fundamental human emotions – love and attachment between the mother and the son, friendship and warmth contrasted and mixed with elements of tension, drama, and sometimes even grotesque.

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