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Monthly Polish Film: “I’m A Killer” / “Jestem mordercą”

Posted on 15-02-2020 , by: Art Gmurowski , 0 Comments

WHAT: “I’m A Killer” / “Jestem mordercą”, 2016, drama, 117 min., English subtitles.

WHERE: 2505 Steck Ave, Austin, TX 78757 North Village Branch Austin Public Library. Tel: 512-974-9960

WHEN: Sunday, April 5, 2020 at 3:30pm


CONTACT: joanna.guttlehr@austinpolishfilm.com

Director: Maciej Pieprzyca
Screenplay: Maciej Pieprzyca
Cinematography: Pawel Dyllus
Music: Bartosz Chajdecki



Inspired by true events from the 1970s, the story revolves around a young detective who becomes the head of a police unit focused on catching a rampant serial killer of women, nicknamed ‘The Silesian Vampire’.

Review in the Hollywood Reporter.

Trailer (subtitled)